Hanson Technology Ltd. invested in blockchain application research and development company, with registered capital of 80 million. It is high-tech company specialized in vertical integrated technology application. It provides big data solution for different industries and give rapid response to solve marketing and financial investment issues.

Blockchain and big data platform: The company utilizes technology such as payment tools and two-dimensional code labels, that record and upload the transaction. This service provides banks, institutions and individuals with real data, which avoid the potential risks


Commodity service: The company take advantage of using the commodity specialization posture of subdivision area, providing services such as access, operation and publicity, and combining the technical characteristics of the block chain. It integrate all the business operators in the platform and reasonably guide consumers to do community marketing.

Financial service: The company records the data of real transactions within the platform on the blockchain (record label chain). According to the different state of the data given, the company provides different service, including interest free installment loans, insurance, logistics, order, ABS credit and other financial services products, which also speed up the service of the real economy.