Building a Diversified Blockchain Technology Company in Canada  Release:Hanson Technology Ltd. Date:2018-02-09

Cryptocurrency mining requires three things to operate at Optimal Efficiency:

(1)Low cost of electricity ($.02 to $.04 per kWh)

(2)High speed internet

(3)Cool climate

Hanson has created proprietary software to monitor hardware 24/7 including: IP, temperature, hashrate, wattage, fans and memory

Data centre will have the flexibility to switch between cryptocurrencies to focus computing resources on most profitable cryptocoins, making it capable of mining numerous cryptocurrencies.

Hanson’s launch transaction involves the acquisition of an initial state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure facility in Canada from Goglobal Mining Ltd., the world’s largest cloud bitcoin mining company. The facility produces mined cryptocurrency around the clock. Assembly of the facility, which utilizes cutting edge computing components and infrastructure design, was just completed in August 2017.

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